Electrical design of a battery assembly system

Baumann Automation GmbH has been developing and producing various assembly lines for well-known customers for many years. This includes industrial plants for production lines of automobile manufacturers around the globe. With industrial plants of this size, many companies are reaching their capacity limit with their own resources, which can be compensated by our support.

Course of the project

Most recently, we were able to participate in the electrical design of a battery assembly line for electrically operated vehicles. After a short training phase, one of our employees took over the electrical design for individual assembly cells. This also included the creation of the 2D enclosure structure, the thermal calculation of the enclosure and the calculation of the performance level according to company specifications. In order to ensure a professional set-up of the electrical system, the support of the control cabinet construction and the wiring of the system was also one of our tasks.
Baumann created a good basis for successful project management and integrated our employees into the company’s own electrical design team. The required work platforms such as EPLAN P8 and all the necessary information could thus be made available without any complications.


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