With AMR technology, every company can take a big step towards Industry 4.0. The system supports work processes in repetitive and time-consuming tasks and thus creates capacities in production.

An AMR is an autonomous, mobile robotic platform that moves autonomously through production and takes over tasks independently without danger. The system consists of a driverless transport system, an individualized top module and an agile lightweight robot that can be equipped with a wide variety of sensors and actuators. Our modular solution offers you the flexibility that seamlessly ties in with individual processes.

With a wide range of grippers, suction cups, gripper changing systems, cameras and scanners, we can realize a variety of individual applications.

Our services include:

Conceptual design:
Our experts work closely with our customers to develop the best solutions for your specific needs, thus reducing costs and optimizing production processes.
With years of expertise in mobile robotic systems, we select suitable components to ensure maximum efficiency and performance. Our technical expertise guarantees that your AMR system will run smoothly.

With our many years of experience in mechanical engineering, we take care of the construction of your AMR system and the necessary perophery systems (e.g. transfer stations).

Programming and Integration:
Our experts develop the necessary software to intelligently control your AMR system. We integrate it seamlessly with your existing infrastructure to enable smooth interaction with other components.

We will be at your side when the system is put into operation for the first time. Our experts ensure that commissioning is carried out quickly and professionally.

After delivery, we support our customers with support, maintenance and expansion. This allows the system to grow with the processes.



  • Machine assembly

  • Precast Parts Removal

  • Picking products

  • Laboratory Assistant

  • Pick-and-Place

  • Assembly and handling
    Feeding systems

  • Marking

  • Sorting and palletizing

  • Testing & Verification
  • Lightweight robots

  • Grippers: Special grippers with fully automatic changing system




Revolutionary Cyber-Physical AMR Systems for the Future of Manufacturing Technology

Our state-of-the-art Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) systems represent the next generation of manufacturing technology and have the potential to take your production processes to a whole new level. These intelligent and autonomous robots combine advanced sensor technologies and precise navigation to transform your manufacturing environment into a cyber-physical system.
Through the seamless integration of sensors, actuators and computer-aided algorithms, our mobile robots enable a close connection between the virtual and physical worlds. This cyber-physical integration opens up a variety of advantages over traditional manufacturing techniques.

The range of vehicles from compact agile solutions with a load capacity of 50kg to loads of 1250kg

Top module:
The top module is the heart of the AMR and, thanks to its design, provides space for control cabinets for control components, network technology and power supply. There is still enough space in the “belly” of the vehicle for application-related technology.

Suitable robots can be selected for the different applications, which can vary in range and payload depending on the application.

There are almost no limits to the variety of actuators on the robot machine. Many processes can be implemented with many different grippers, aplicators, polishing attachments, screwdrivers and many more.

Sensor technology:
If the existing sensor technology is not sufficient for the application, it can be easily expanded. In this way, vision technology, measuring systems, simple sensors or even safety sensors can make the system even better.

A key advantage of our cyber-physical AMR systems is their flexibility and adaptability. Unlike rigid production lines, our robots can flexibly switch between different tasks and workstations to avoid bottlenecks and increase efficiency. By continuously collecting real-time data, they can adapt to changing production requirements and make optimized decisions.

EAnother key advantage of our AMR systems lies in their close interaction with people. Thanks to advanced collaborative robotics and safety features, our AMRs can collaborate securely with employees. This close human-robot collaboration allows for increased productivity, as human workers are relieved of time-consuming and repetitive tasks and can focus on more demanding activities.
Thanks to the flexible integration and a smart concept, we have the opportunity to easily adjust the number of robots and integrate new functions or new areas of responsibility. This allows you to quickly adapt to changing market requirements and can therefore accompany manufacturing throughout the entire product life cycle. As a result, our customers can increase efficiency, increase productivity and reduce costs.
By automating tasks such as material handling, component feeding, and warehousing, bottlenecks can be eliminated and lead times can be reduced.
Discover the future of manufacturing technology and let your company benefit from more efficient, flexible and safe production.
Cyber-physical AMR systems offer a wide range of applications in various industries and environments. Here are some intriguing


In the manufacturing industry, materials and tools can be transported autonomously between different production stations, assembly tasks can be performed, and the entire manufacturing process can be optimized.

Logistics and E-Commerce:
This is where efficient goods tracking, automated order picking and intelligent warehouse management are implemented. As a result, companies can optimize their supply chains and ensure fast and on-time delivery.

Health service:
For the future of healthcare, AMR systems play a critical role in improving patient care. They can safely transport medications and medical equipment to patient rooms, monitor inventory levels, and perform cleaning tasks to relieve the burden on medical staff.

Agri- and food industry:
Autonomous systems can help with the harvesting, sorting and packaging of agricultural products. They can also be used in warehouses and cold chains to improve quality assurance and efficiently manage inventory.

These intriguing applications are just a glimpse of the enormous potential of cyber-physical AMR systems. With their flexibility, adaptability, and smart technology, they enable companies to increase their productivity

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