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PERFEction is Duty

In the development of PLC software, electrical drawings and commissioning of cyberphysical systems, Abraham Automation contributes to the development of the modern production landscape under the aspects of Industry 4. 0.

Automation from Abraham Automation serves as support and helps to produce a more effective, faster and in a better way. This secures important competitive advantages and creates jobs in the high-tech environment in Germany. Abraham Automation offers a wide range of services for industrial production.

More than 30 years of experience

Geschäftsführer Ingenieurbüro für Automatisierungstechnik Daniel Abraham

After studying electrical engineering, Jürgen Abraham came to Amberg in the Upper Palatinate in 1982 and headed the programming department at IMA Sondermaschinenbau. In 1988, he ventured into self-employment and founded the engineering firm Abraham, specializing in PLC programming and automation solutions. To this day, a reliable team of technicians, electricians and engineers has grown around the founder, who share his passion and the credo “Perfection is duty.”
Daniel Abraham completed his Master’s degree in 2016 with a focus on “innovation-focused mechanical engineering. ” Together with his father, company founder Jürgen Abraham, they decided to lead the family business into the second generation. In October 2018, the management was handed over to Daniel Abraham. Together with long-term employees and customers, and the experience of the past 30 years, we are now facing future challenges. “Abraham Automation will continue to develop innovative automation services based on a wealth of experience. In this way, we are laying the foundation for “Industry 4.0” in the second generation.”

what can we do?

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Whether you are interested in specifications for future projects, in the implementation of new machines or in the extension and maintenance of existing machines or facilities: let us know your requirements. We do our very best to help to implement your ideas and requirements, using our know-how in various projects and industries.

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Abraham Automation supports several well-known international customers and companies, for example SIEMENS and BWM, but also various regional engineering firms. Our team works hand in hand with our customers in order to fulfil their needs and requirements at its best. We accompany and support them from the first planning steps and the commissioning of machines all the way to adapting new requirements as well as extending requirements. In conclusion, we support our customers and partners throughout the lifetime of their machines and facilities – no matter if requirements or circumstances change.

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