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Electrical design

Elektrokonstruktion Icon

In this phase of the project, we support you in the selection, design and structuring of all electrical components. With our expertise in electrical design, we also produce circuit diagrams and the documentation of your systems using state-of-the-art CAE systems (EPLAN P8, WSCAD).

What WE offer:

  • Drawing up of electrical plans
    • Schematic diagrams for individual pieces
    • Modular circuit diagrams for serial production
    • Terminal diagrams
    • Parts lists
    • Communication overviews and network topology
  • Drawing up of control cabinet construction plans; on request with thermal calculation
  • Allocation of complete control cabinets are possible
    • Direct communication
    • No additional effort for the end customer
  • Design of the electrical components
  • Revision and expansion of existing plans
  • Implementation of safety-relevant shutdowns and safety functions
  • Maintenance of your article database
  • Creation of macros (circuit diagrams) for device manufacturers
  • Project planning with EPLAN P8 and WSCAD
  • Implementation of other CAE formats EPLAN P8

Software Development

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Specific interfaces and tools are necessary for continuous digitisation.
Abraham Automation develops software for cross-platform data availability according to your needs. Interfaces from the machine to the IT infrastructure often require special tools that can be implemented individually for the user.
We have a team for the realisation of cross-platform data transfer, machine control or support.

What WE offer:

  • Integration of communication protocols
  • Creation of individual communication modules
  • Communication with servers and host computers
  • Processing of measured values
  • Commissioning on site
  • Training of operators
  • Platforms used: C, C++, C#, Java, SCL, ST, Visual Basic and Python



Web services can take over machine-to-machine communication in your production. We will be happy to integrate them for you. The resulting opportunities can increase both the flexibility and the efficiency of your production.

What WE offer:

  • Integration of all web services offered in the company
  • Connection to your ERP system
  • Examples include:
    • Traceability
    • Interlocking
    • Product mergers
    • Support of logistical processes
    • Material requirements
    • MDE / BDE/ OEE recording
    • Order specification


Visualisierung Icon

In order to simplify the operation of your system, we also offer you the implementation of a visualisation. It does not matter to us whether it is a part of the overall project or a retrofitting of a plant. We know that the control of a system has to be simple and intuitive. That is why we work with you to develop a concept for a user interface that is flexible enough to meet your requirements.

What WE offer:

  • Visualisation of user interfaces
  • Integration of manual controls
  • Implementation of a remedy management
  • Automatic generation of product data logs
  • Visualisation of plants and production data
  • Project planning with TIA, Flexible WinCC, VisiWin

SPS Programming

Sps Programmierung Icon

During your project, we will implement the programming according to your needs.
Thanks to our experience with innovation projects under the aspects of Industry 4. 0, we are happy to be the contact partner for fully integrated production. Our services include operating data acquisition, traceability systems and energy management.

What WE offer:

  • Creation of program sequences
  • Integration of external devices (laser, scanner, camera, etc.)
  • Integration of communication protocols
  • Creation of individual communication modules
  • Communication with servers and host computers
  • Processing of measured values
  • Commissioning on site
  • Training of operators
  • We are specialized in Simatic: Step5, Step7, TIA portal (V13, V14, V15, V15. 1), WinCC flexible, WinCC
  • Additional specialisation in: Beckhoff: TwinCAT 2, TwinCAT 3, Codesys


Robotik Icon

Robot systems can make workflows in your company leaner and simpler. We are happy to support you in planning, integrating, implementing and commissioning such projects. Together with you, we will find the best possible hardware solution and program it according to your individual needs.

What WE offer:

  • Planning of workflows
  • Development of interfaces
  • Program creation – online and offline
  • Commissioning and teaching of the robot
  • Cycle time, process and quality optimisation

driverless transport systems

FTS Icon

In today’s industrial everyday life, driverless transport systems are indispensable. We are happy to help you link an FTS but also entire fleets with your systems, plants and processes. We are happy to respond to your individual wishes and are in regular contact with you as well as the vehicle manufacturer.

What WE offer:

  • Programming of applications
  • Hardware planning / Electrical design of applications
  • Robot programming
  • Launching and teaching of the robot
  • Connection to a WMS

Image processing

In the age of highly automated production with simultaneously increasing variance and ever faster product life cycles, innovative image processing is indispensable. In order to efficiently map these opposing goals, we use the most modern sensor technology and software from the field of image processing and integrate them at the customer’s site. The spectrum of functions ranges from simple presence checks to complex measurement and control tasks.

What WE offer:
  • Selection of the appropriate sensor technology
  • Conducting feasibility studies
  • Assessment and definition of test criteria
  • Integration of vision systems in plants (both hardware and software)
  • Interfaces to higher-level systems (PLC, host computer, server…)
  • Preferred manufacturers: Keyence and Sensopart but also many more


Inbetriebnahme Icon

After programming, or in most cases during programming, a plant must be put into operation. Of course, we also offer this service. Whether alone or in collaboration with your colleagues.

What WE offer:

  • Commissioning of the individual modules
  • Commissioning of the entire plant
  • Operator training
  • Production start-up support
  • Troubleshooting assistance


Support Icon

In order to reduce downtimes and ensure optimum production conditions, we offer support during production – even for your existing plants. In the event of problems in everyday production, we are available for you and help to prevent production breakdowns and a drop in quality due to system malfunctions.
We also offer this service for programs from other manufacturers.

What WE offer:

  • Telephone hotline
  • Troubleshooting via remote maintenance
  • Online support
  • Troubleshooting on site
  • Various trainings
  • Plant optimisation



The aims of retrofit projects are to extend the service life and increase the production volume, product quality and efficiency of systems that have been providing good services for years through Upcycling 4. 0.
Abraham-Automation offers you the analysis of existing programs, advice in the expansion and implementation of the programs to new controllers. As a result, a system can be redesigned and expanded in line with modern software and electronics with little time and cost.

What WE offer:

  • Analysis of existing programmes
  • Modernisation of old installations (e.g. Siemens S5)
  • Optimisation of cycle times, assembly processes and quality
  • Extension of the plants to include products or production steps
  • Extension of software functions (e.g. BDE, OEE, etc.)

Savings as a service

Abraham Automation saves you time and money.
With our service we provide our customers our experience in more than 2500 projects within 30 years and more. Together with operators and employees, we record the production process. Here by we follow the selected process from order receipt to dispatch.
Subsequently, we analyse individual process steps under technical aspects and identify the optimisation potential. These potentials are then implemented and confirmed by us.

What WE offer:

  • Increase in sales and increase in earnings
    • Increased productivity
    • Capacity expansion
    • Greater flexibility on existing plants
    • Short ROI (Return of invest)
  • Cost savings
    • Higher quality
    • Less rejects
    • Reduction of personnel costs (assistants’ share)
    • Fast implementation of product changes
    • Real scaling effect
    • No OEM approvals
    • Real competitive advantage over other locations / Countries
    • Bringing together know-how
    • Process optimisation while the plant is running
    • Tailor-made solution (high acceptance and cost efficiency)
  • Safety
    • Better adherence to deadlines
    • Shorter delivery time
    • Greater transparency
    • Traceability (even individual batches in the product)
    • Abraham Automation as a contact for Tier 1
    • Sustained increase in the supplier’s expectations
    • Minimal risk
    • Increasing staff security / Reduction of dangerous situations for staff due to technical measures
  • Market position / USP
    • Productivity
    • Availability
    • Quick changes
    • Sustainable (Upcycling 4. 0)

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